District Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Our Beliefs

  • Each student is unique and can learn more at higher levels
  • Students give their attention and commitment when provided engaging experiences
  • Literacy is fundamental for success in all pursuits and necessary for lifelong learning
  • Together, we achieve more
  • Each individual is a learner, teacher, designer, and leader
  • Education is essential to the well-being of each individual, the economy and our democratic way of life

Our Mission

We will need to let parents know that this will be an active construction site during the day however, there will be no interaction between students and construction workers. Also, I believe we spoke about ASP being in the gym. This has changed. ASP will continue to be located in the cafeteria

Our Vision

We aspire to a vision where each student of Dalton Public Schools engages in interesting, challenging, and satisfying experiences that result in profound learning in academic disciplines, synthesis, creativity, respect, and ethics so that each student is a contributing citizen of the world.