Title I Information

Title One School Improvement Plan

Monday, October 15, there will be a Title 1 Meeting to review the DHS School Parent Compact and the Family Engagement Plan at 2:00 in the Parent Resource Center. Copies of both of these documents are available in the front office in English and Spanish along with a feedback form for parents who are unable to attend the meeting.

School Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan Feedback

Title I
School Improvement Team Members

Bartoo, Steve Principal

Hungerpiller, Stephanie Assistant Principal, Title I Coordinator

Shults, Doug Assistant Principal/Career Tech Coordinator

Carlson, Anthony Science Department Chair

Swope, Jennifer Math Department Chair

Swope, Jennifer Math Instructional Coach

Nietzche, Annette Migrant Program Coordinator

Spinetta, Kelly Parent Involvement Coordinator, DHS

Peters, Ivelisse Social Worker