About JROTC:

The Dalton High School Army Junior ROTC is all about leadership. In this program, we have our cadets work together in developing leadership, interpersonal, verbal communication, and analytical skills. The program is mainly ran by the cadets through the Catamount Battalion Staff and Leadership which enables cadets to have hands on experience on being a leader and being lead. Cadets are under the guidance of the Senior Army Instructor (SAI), Command Sergeant Major (RET) Heriberto Vazquez, and the Army Instructor (AI), Dr. First Sergeant (RET) Eugene Jackson. JROTC offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities and extra-curricular activities. We emphasize that the cadets will be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people.


DHS Raiders Raid Ringgold

By: Cadet Captain Jesica Medina

On Saturday morning, September 16th, the Dalton High School Raiders arrived at the school at 6 am for their next competition at Ringgold High School. Having previously competed at Adairsville High School, the teams felt prepared for their upcoming challenges. The competition consisted of six events: sled pull and water cans challenge, cross country rescue, tire flip, team work challenge, Rope Bridge, and tug of war. Through working hard and as a team, cadets were able to successfully complete each event. Once finished with the first five events, all the teams that attended met at the football field for the tug-of-war tournament. Following the tug-of-war, raiders fell in on the field for the awards. Female team 1 placed first in all six events except for having second in Rope Bridge, and the male team one placed third in Rope Bridge. “This competition was definitely a challenge in some areas, especially Rope Bridge.A lot of people struggled in that,” comments Cadet Private Frances Salazar. In the end, the cadets were able to learn more from this competition and use that knowledge in future competitions.

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