Parent Compact




What is a School-Parent Compact?
It is a written communication describing how all members of a school community-parents, teachers, principals, and students-agree to share responsibility
for student learning. The compact helps bridge the learning connection between school and home.

District Goals
1. Dalton Public Schools will increase student achievement in core content.
2. Dalton Public School will monitor district programs to determine effectiveness.

School Goals
1. Dalton High School will increase student achievement in core content.
2. Dalton High School will increase teacher understanding of content standards.

Areas of Focus
To help students in all content areas, we will focus
on the following:

  • Review content standards and pacing guides to ensure alignment
  • Create common assessments in all content areas
  • Use strategies and design lessons in which students are asked to think critically
  • Write analytic arguments with valid reasoning and claims
  • Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, style, and organization are appropriate
  • Provide targeted instruction in math and literacy for students during the school day

In order to achieve our goals, the Dalton High School will do the following:
As a school – We will collaborate to create common assessments that help prepare students for state assessments. We will design work for
students which requires them to think critically and apply what they have learned. We will provide
opportunities for students to write analytical essays in which they provide textual support. We will review content standards and align our classroom
activities to those standards. We will provide extra support and remediation for students in math and
literacy. We, as parents, will support our child’s learning in the following ways:

As a parent – I will see that my child attends school regularly and on time. I will provide necessary
materials for class participation. I will set high expectations for my child’s progress and make sure
homework and assignments are completed on time. I will communicate with my child’s teachers
on a regular basis. I, as a student will share in the responsibility
to improve my academic achievement in the following ways:

As a student- I will do my class work, homework, and ask for help from my teachers, counselors,
and administrators when needed. I will come to school prepared to learn with a positive attitude. I
will take advantage of the opportunities for extra help during the school day. I will give my parents
or adult who is responsible for my welfare all notices and information received about me.