The mission of Dalton High School’s PTO is to bring parents and teachers together to provide support and programs that benefit the students at DHS. One of the main ways we will do this is through the Teacher Grant process which helps fund innovative programs making learning more meaningful for our students.

PTO Awards Teacher Grants

Through membership dues, t-shirt sales, collection jars and spirit nights, the PTO has raised over $2,000 so far this school year. That money is now going directly back to support learning in the classroom at DHS. Teachers were invited to submit applications for grants and winners were chosen by a group of administrators and PTO members. Congratulations to the following grant winners:

C.J Little - Agriculture Dept. Use: To help fund the cost of a field trip to Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, GA to visit the spring Daffodil Festival in March 2017.

Jessica Ashlock - Engineering Dept. Use: To purchase supplies for students in the Concepts of Engineering Class for use in developing alternate fuel sources to power go karts.

Alecia Hagberg - Chemistry, AP Chem, and Physical Science Depts. Use: To purchase supplies for hands on modeling activities which align with new NGSS/GSE science standards.

Alecia Hagberg and Lacie Coquerille - Physical Science and Chemistry Depts. Use: To purchase supplies for hands on modeling sets to explore circuits through inquiry.

Alecia Hagberg, All Advanced and AP Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science Depts. Use: To purchase supplies for magnetic water molecule sets for hands on demonstration of bonding, covalent bonding, surface tension, ionic bonding, hydrogen bonding, intermolecular forces, adhesion, cohesion, and capillary action in chemistry.

A few more grants may be awarded during the 2016/2017 school year as further information is gathered.

PTO Membership Form