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DHS Rifle Team Match at Cass
Team at Rifle Match

On January 13, the Dalton High Rifle Team attended Cass High School for an area match against Gordon Central and Etowah high schools. Though the cadets found the match challenging, they still managed to give their all.

Cadet Master Sergeant Amizadai Simon said, "My biggest challenge that lead up to this competition was shooting a higher score and beating it. I did okay on the first relay and did a lot better in the second. Looking back, a way I can improve is by not getting so nervous."

Another DHS rifle shooter Cadet Leo Fraire stated, "Controlling my shaking would be one of the few challenges I had, but it was my main one as well. I saw that I improved a lot one day at practice after I scored six points higher than the day before and kept note to find the best position so that it doesn't affect me as much."

The cadets do have their challenges to overcome, but they are managing to find success with flying colors as Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Analy Camarillo is proof: she earned a plaque of recognition for the Lafayette postal match, where she received a 290 overall and got the highest individual on the kneeling position with a score of 98.

"I was proud of myself because that was my first 98 on a kneeling position," said Cadet Camarillo.

Overall, the Dalton High School Rifle team was very proud of their work during that competition and hope to do even better in future matches.