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DHS Swim Team Returns as State Champion
Swim Team State Champions

The Dalton High School swim team competed in the GHSA 6A Swimming and Diving State meet the weekend on Feb. 3 and left as champions.

This title makes the third championship for Dalton High, and the first one since 2013.

Swim Coach Sharlinda Haight said the boys were focused all season with the GHSA state meet in mind. "They wanted to go and win a state championship. Everything they have done all season has been with that in mind," she said. "They have worked so hard all season. At the meet, they were so excited and let their desire to win keep them poised and focused on each swim."

The students that competed on the state team were:

  • Henry Bethel
  • Matthew Shaheen
  • Ross Emilio Valdez
  • Oscar Chenard
  • Jack Forthman
  • Shawn Bailey
  • Jonathan Shaheen
  • Charlie McClurg
  • Jake Barnes
  • Anthony Calderon
  • Raul Valdez
  • Alex Mashburn
  • Ethan Carroll

Out of six individual events, Henry Bethel, Jonathan Shaheen, Alex Mashburn, Anthony Calderon and Ross Valdez each finished in the Top 5.

Coaches: Sharlinda Haight, Carl Chenard, Phil Lesselroth, Todd Hamontree, Jason Meszaros