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Ezequiel Pimentel: DHS Senior Spotlight 2018
Ezequiel Pimentel in Engineering Room

Ezequiel Pimentel: DHS Senior Spotlight 2018

Where were you born?

I was born and raised in Dalton.

Elementary School: Roan School

What were you involved in at DHS: F.I.R.S.T. Robotics, C.I.T. (Community Services), Technology Student Association, Chess Club, The Future Business Leaders of America, and S.I.T. (Computer Science)

High School highlights, achievements and awards: The robotics team won Rookie Inspiration, Rookie All Star (2X), went to State in Athens, then finished by going to World's, representing Dalton in Houston, TX

Plans After Graduation: Working during the summer to save up money for college. I'm looking into going to Dalton State or Georgia Northwestern Technical College

What do you plan to Major in? Agriculture Engineering or Drafting. I want to have a chance in what I do, no matter if in college or a job. I will not quit trying to do something with my life.

What did you enjoy most at DHS?

Just the clubs. It contains what the experience of having an "adventure" is like, meaning, finding your true self in something you love.

Favorite teacher and why?

I have many favorite teachers, but it would have to be Jessica Ashlock. She can fix any problem without hesitation. Plus, she is the one who makes us believe what we can do, and that it will be used for our future.

Favorite subject or class: Engineering, computer science, drafting.

What has been your great accomplishment? Becoming captain of our robotics team, 6887 Dalton Catabots.

What has been your greatest challenge?

It would have to be graduating for me. I am the first for my or from my brothers and sisters. It is a challenge of creating a new path for me.

The one thing I'm most proud of is.... Everything I was given. My personality was given by my friends, my inspiration is from my parents, my ideas are from personal experience. I'm proud of everything I've gone through in my lifetime.

Who will you miss most at Dalton High? My girlfriend

I would describe myself as "unique." We are all different in ways, just the best way to describe it.

Something people know me for is... Being captain of the robotics team, for being quiet in class and being unique.

What do you like to do in your free time? Take hikes, going to the movies, searching or doing research on how to build new projects, and so on.

Person who has influenced your life the most and why? My parents. They were and still are my greatest influence. Dad never quits, always works, supports us, puts a roof over our heads. Mom supported us, fed us home cooked meals and never puts us last.

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do? Help others succeed and join more clubs.

If money was not a consideration, what would you do? Develop a new currency with trade to stabilize the economy.

My favorite memory at DHS is.... Trying to walk through a crowd as students and teachers clapped for us before going into bus to travel to Houston, TX.

In 5 years, I hope I... start a new line of future children and make sure their future is better than mine.