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German Students from Brookwood and Dalton High Work Together

Ava Wyatt, German teacher at Dalton High School, received a grant from the Dalton Education Foundation to have her IB German students collaborate with the German immersion classes at Brookwood. The high school students recently took a trip to visit their new friends.

The high school students conducted interviews in German with each of the first grade students to learn about their family and interests. Afterward, the groups created a shoe for St. Nikolaus Day, which they had recently learned about in their studies of German culture. In Germany, students place their shoes by the door so when St. Nikolaus comes at night, he may fill them with chocolates, candy and marzipan. Students placed their shoes in the hallway and were excited to see that St. Nikolaus had visited them, too.

"This was our first trip to Brookwood, and my students were so elated to be working with these young German speakers," said Wyatt. "They were so surprised how much German they understood. I am hoping my students will speak about their new friends when we return to the classroom and share their findings."

There are plans for the high school students to return to Brookwood in the spring for another cultural craft. Find more information about the Brookwood German immersion program here, and view a slideshow of photos from the day below.