Public PK-12 School District in Dalton, Georgia

Parent Compact


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What is a School-Parent Compact?

It is a written communication describing how all members of a school community-parents, teachers, principals, and students-agree to share responsibility for student learning. The compact helps bridge the learning connection between school and home.

Did You Know?

Parents, students, teachers and faculty members work together to develop our school-parent compact. Each year, meetings are held for parents,
teachers, and students to compare the compact with school data to review progress. The compact is developed to meet the needs of our school and students.

School and Home Communication

Dalton High School is committed to providing communication with families about student learning through the following methods.

  • Infinite Campus Parent Portal
  • School Website/Facebook/Twitter
  • Canvas
  • 6 week progress reports
  • Telephone Calls
  • Parent-teacher Conferences
  • Open Houses


Parent Outreach Opportunities

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved and learn about Dalton High School. Please contact the school to learn more about what you can do to support learning at DHS. Family Engagement Sessions are held throughout the year on a variety of topics that are designed to help support your students. Please contact Kelly Spinetta, our Family Engagement Coordinator, at 706.876.4952 for more information. Resources for parents are available in the Parent Resources Center.


Scheduling Parent Conferences

If you would like to schedule a parent conference with your student’s teachers, please contact one of our counselors. Students are assigned to counselors based on last names.
Tina Scibilia- A-Ga
Rachel Cobb- Ge-O
Dee Bonds-Curtis- P-Z

For more information about services provided by the counseling department, please visit the counseling page.

2022-23 School Goals

Increase the total weighted percentage of students performing at levels 3 and 4 on GMAS in ELA, math, science, and social studies by six percent in 2023. (Content Mastery on CCRPI)

All teachers will design learning experiences for their students with a focus on teacher clarity, student clarity, learning intentions and success criteria, and will give appropriate feedback to students to improve student performance and promote deeper learning.

Engage students in learning through effective teacher strategies.Areas of Focus

To help students in all content areas, we will focus on the following:

  • Review content standards and pacing guides to ensure alignment
  • Create common assessments in all content areas
  • Use strategies and design lessons in which students are asked to think critically
  • Write analytic arguments with valid reasoning and claims
  • Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, style, and organization are appropriate
  • Provide targeted instruction in math and literacy for students during the school day


In order to achieve our goals, Dalton High School will do the following:

As a school

We will collaborate to create common assessments that help prepare students for state assessments. We will design work for students which requires them to think critically and apply what they have learned. We will provide opportunities for students to write analytical essays in which they provide textual support. We will review content standards and align our classroom activities to those standards. We will provide extra support and remediation for students in all academic areas during our Flexible Learning Time.

We, as parents, will support our child’s learning in the following ways:

As a parent – I will see that my child attends school regularly and on time. I will provide necessary materials for class participation. I will set high expectations for my child’s progress and make sure homework and assignments are completed on time. I will communicate with my child’s teachers on a regular basis.

I, as a student will share in the responsibility to improve my academic achievement in the following ways:

As a student--
I will do my classwork, homework, and ask for help from my teachers , and administrators when needed. I will come to school prepared to learn with a positive attitude. I will take advantage of the opportunities for extra help during the school day. I will give my parents or adult who is responsible for my welfare all notices and information received about me.


Signature Sheet can be found on the PDF Document