Engineering Drafting & Design

Intro to Drafting & Design

Description: Introduction to Drafting and Design is the foundational course for the Architectural Drafting and Design pathway. Emphasis is placed on safety, geometric construction, fundamentals of computer-aided drafting, and multi-view drawings. Students learn drafting techniques through the study of geometric construction at which time they are introduced to
computer-aided drafting and design.

Survey of Engineering Graphics
Description: Survey of Engineering Graphics is the second course in the Engineering Drafting and Design Career Pathway. The course is designed to build student skills and knowledge in the field of engineering graphics/technical drafting. The course focus includes employability skills, career opportunities, applied math, working drawings that Include sectional, auxiliary, detail and pictorial views, and pattern developments. In addition, elements in applied mathematics are integrated throughout the course.

3D Modeling and Analysis
Description: Three-Dimensional (3D) Modeling and Analysis is a one-credit course that completes the pathway in Engineering Drafting and Design. Reverse engineering strategies are recommended for third level working drawings. Computer-aided de­sign (CAD) is recommended for use extensively with each standard in the course. Focus is on employability strategies, career studies, applied math, fasteners, working drawings and assembly drawings.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Career and Technical Student Organization FIRST ROBOTICS.

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