Engineering Drafting & Design

Intro to Drafting & Design:

Introduction to Drafting & Design helps students understand the process involved in turning concepts into reality. Students will begin with fundamentals of computer aided design with emphasis placed on understanding the design process and the importance of iteration. Through the incorporation of 3D printing, this course allows students to take ideas from the drawing board to production.

Survey of Engineering Graphics:

As the second installment of the Engineering Graphics and Design, Survey of Engineering Graphics seeks to expand on the students knowledge base of computer aided design with the introduction of industry level software such as Onshape. In addition to allowing for the production of technical drawings, Onshape users can produce advanced models and files suitable for a variety of manufacturing methods including 3D printing and CNC milling.

3D Modeling and Analysis:

Building on the skill set developed through the first two courses in the pathway, 3D Modeling and Analysis focuses on developing the students problem solving ability through engineering while fostering the soft skills so valuable in the workforce. Students will be asked to, not only, develop products and solutions, but present those concepts in a structured, “company style” format. Students enrolled in this course will also have the opportunity to become industry certified in the use of computer aided design software greatly increasing their employment market value.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Career and Technical Student Organization FIRST ROBOTICS.

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