Public PK-12 School District in Dalton, Georgia


About JROTC:

The Dalton High School Army Junior ROTC is a program that is all about leadership and teamwork. The cadets are under the guidance of the Senior Army Instructor (SAI), Command Sergeant Major (RET) Heriberto Vazquez, and the Army Instructor (AI), Dr. First Sergeant (RET) Eugene Jackson. Cadets’ work together to develop skills, such as interpersonal, verbal communication, and analytical skills. The program is mainly ran by the cadets that are in the Catamount Battalion Staff and the Leadership; cadets being responsible for others allows them to learn how to be a leader and it prepares them for the future. Not only do the cadets learn how to be excellent leaders but they also help around in the community by providing support and honoring the duties given to them. JROTC provides a multitude of volunteering opportunities and extra-curricular activities. We emphasize that the cadets will be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people.

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