Marketing Management

Marketing and Management at Dalton is one of the best uses of a student’s time in high school. Whether you desire to be a CEO of a large company or start your own business the concepts learned in marketing will be beneficial. The pathway takes you through a progression of learning the basics of business in Marketing Principles, applying that knowledge in Marketing and Management and completing the pathway with Entrepreneurship.

The student organization for marketing is DECA. DECA is a co-curricular club that seeks to hone the skills learned in the classroom through competition and role play scenarios. Students compete in Regional, State and International competition. The club also participates in community service activities and provides opportunities to earn cords for graduation.

Just a sample of careers available in Marketing and Management:

1. Marketing Manager

2. Sales Representative

3. Marketing Research Analyst

4. Sales Manager

5. Public Relations Specialist

6. Advertising or Promotions Manager