Dual Enrollment

Click here for Dual Enrollment Video

Application Steps:

  1. Take the SAT/ACT (DSC & GNTC) OR SAT/ACT/ACCUPLACER/PSAT or 2.6 or higher HOPE GPA (GNTC)
  2. Submit qualifying scores to the college: SAT/ACT/ACCUPLACER
  3. Complete the College Application to the DE college of your choice:
    1. The application is located on the school’s Admissions webpage,
    1. The DE application fee is waived for perspective DE students.
  4. Request a copy of your transcript in the counseling office (cost $3) to be mailed to the college’s DE office.

Next Steps:

  1. AFTER you have completed all of the steps above, Schedule a DE appointment with Mr. Ashlock to complete the Student Participation Agreement (come into counseling office to get link to schedule an appointment). A parent MUST come with the student.
  2. After you have met with Mr. Ashlock, you will set up an appointment with the dual enrollment coordinator at the college to register for classes.
  3. Check your EMAIL for acceptance letter to DE program and further instructions

Once Accepted:

  1. Attend your college orientation session as soon as possible – Mandatory
  2. Register for classes the 1st day class registration opens -CHECK College Calendar for dates.
  3. You Can ONLY register for those classes listed on your Participation Agreement.
  4. Complete the Online Dual Enrollment Financial Aid Application found on GAFUTURES under Dual Enrollment Funding Application.
  5. Attend class the first week of school OR you will be dropped from the class!

Click here for the Dual Enrollment Brochure for Families.