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Yearbook pickup May 21


The current guidance from CDC reduces the number of days required for quarantine from 14 days to 10 days without being tested and if no symptoms have been reported during daily monitoring. Individuals should still monitor for symptoms for the full 14 days after exposure.

Beginning today, our school district will be implementing this new recommendation. Also, the CDC has stated that an individual identified as a close contact may choose to take a COVID-19 test on day 5 or thereafter. Should the test
results be negative and if no symptoms have been reported during the daily monitoring, the individual may return to school on day 7 or thereafter. Individuals in quarantine may not return to school earlier than day 7. If the test results should be positive, the individual would be subject to quarantine the 10 days from their positive test result or onset of symptoms.

Check out the new NUESTROS digital magazine produced by DHS students.

Ver la nueva revista digital, A Través de Nuestros Ojos, producida por estudiantes de DHS.

Nuestros Magazine


New Start and end times for DHS   7:20am -2:05pm


2021 Bell Schedule

Digital Learning Expectations for DHS Virtual Students

· All digital courses will be in Canvas. All teachers will create a home page where assignments will be posted. Check your homepage for your class assignments, links to learning, and other important information from your teachers.

· Grades will count. Assignments will be given by your teachers and are expected to be completed and submitted on time. All assignments will have due dates. Points may be deducted for assignments that are not submitted on time. Please refer to you teacher’s home pages for detailed information about expectations for each class.

· Students must log into and participate in each course at least 3 times per week. Ideally, this should happen on the days the class would meet if you were attending school face-to-face. Teachers will be checking their Canvas logs to make sure that students are accessing their courses. Completion of digital assignments is required for all classes. Failure to complete required digital work will cause students to fail the class. Be sure to communicate with your teacher if logging in on specific days is an issue for you.

· Attendance process and expectations: Attendance will be taken for students who select face-to-face. Teachers will take attendance in each class like normal. For virtual students, attendance will not be taken daily. Attendance will be measured by assignment completion and log in records in Canvas.

· All students should check their emails daily. Not only will teachers contact digital students through email, but also important information about events, school pictures, yearbooks, student council elections, and other updates will be communicated through email too. You do not want to miss out on important things because you failed to check your email!

· Check the school website for announcements at least twice a week.

· Your teachers will set up office hours during which you can contact them with any questions about your work. Teachers will post office hours on their Canvas home page. Email your teachers if you have questions or are experiencing difficulty. Teachers will be checking their emails throughout the day. Please understand the importance of asking questions, communicating with your teachers, and managing your time wisely.

· Do not procrastinate! Manage your time wisely. Plan ahead and do not wait until the last minute to get your work done.

· Always do your best. Teachers need you to do your work and put forth your best effort so they can monitor your learning, give you feedback and adjust their instruction based on your needs.

· REMEMBER – if you have signed up to be a virtual student, this is a 6-week commitment. The first date you would be able to return to school in person would be Monday, Oct 12.


Become an Observer on Canvas Course Management System (English and Spanish)

Canvas parent instructions

Canvase parent instructions Spanish


testing calendar for EOC, IB, and AP


Featuring artwork created by students in Trevor Ledford's art courses.

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DHS had a 95% graduation rate in 2020

IB and Dalton Academy information for Sophomores



Revised Drop off and pick up patterns for parents and students

Due to traffic concerns in the morning, starting on Monday, October 19 there will be two options to drop off students:
1) Cars may enter Manly Street from the East (option B on map) and drop off students in front of the school or
2) They may enter Manly Street from the West (option A on map) and drop off students at the West entrance. From the west, the student will then proceed to the front entrance so a temperature check can be performed by DHS staff.

Parents who choose the East entrance (option B) will use the far East driveway next to the tennis courts and proceed down the first aisle of parking towards the front of the school. They will then drop off or pick up students in front of the school and exit the campus at the first parking lot exit closest to Davidson Drive.
Parents who choose the West entrance will enter the campus at the far West driveway, proceed down the first aisle of parking towards the school and turn left to drop or pick up students at the West entrance to the school on the bottom floor. Cars will then make another left and exit the same way they entered the campus through the far West drive. As a reminder, the west entrance will be available for staff only and the students will still be required to enter through the front entrance for a temperature check.

Cars leaving campus at either exit will be able to turn left or right onto Manly Street as traffic permits.
All buses will still enter campus at the far east entrance next to the tennis courts and drop-off or pick up students at the gym entrance to the school.

In addition, there are many locations on Manly Street where it is unlawful to stop/park/stand your vehicle upon the roadway in order to drop a student in order to avoid the traffic entering campus. Failure to abide by these traffic signs may result in a ticket by the Dalton Police Department.



Free and Reduced Lunch Forms

Free and Reduced Lunch applications are now available to complete online! To fill out an application, click here:

Expectativas de aprendizaje digital para los estudiantes virtuales de DHS

  • Todos los cursos digitales estarán en Canvas. Todos los maestros crearán una página inicial donde se publicarán los trabajos escolares que los estudiantes deben completar. Revise su página inicial para ver los trabajos escolares que han sido asignados, enlaces a aprendizaje y otras informaciones importantes de sus maestros.
  • Las calificaciones contarán. Tareas escolares le serán asignados por sus maestros y la expectativa es que las completen y sometan a tiempo. Todas las tareas tendrán fechas de vencimiento y se puede deducir puntos por tareas que no sean sometidas a tiempo. Consulte las páginas iniciales de sus profesores para obtener información detallada sobre las expectativas de cada clase.
  • Los estudiantes deben acceder y participar en cada curso al menos 3 veces por semana. Idealmente, esto sería en los días en que la clase se reuniría si asistiera a la escuela en persona. Los maestros revisarán sus registros de Canvas para asegurarse de que los estudiantes estén accediendo a sus cursos. Las tareas digitales de todas sus clases deben ser completadas. El no completar el trabajo digital requerido de una clase resultará en la reprobación de la clase. Asegúrese de comunicarse con su maestro si acceder al curso en días específicos es un problema para usted.

La asistencia escolar y expectativas: Se tomará la asistencia de los estudiantes que estudiarán en la escuela en persona diariamente. Los maestros tomarán la asistencia en cada clase como de costumbre. Para los estudiantes virtuales, la asistencia no se tomará diariamente. La asistencia se medirá por los trabajos escolares completados y por los registros de las veces que accedieron a sus clases en Canvas.

  • Todos los estudiantes deben revisar sus correos electrónicos diariamente. No solo los maestros se comunicarán con los estudiantes digitales por correo electrónico, sino que también se comunicará por correo electrónico información importante sobre eventos, fotografías escolares, anuarios, elecciones del consejo estudiantil y otras actualizaciones. ¡No se pierda cosas importantes porque no revisó su correo electrónico!
  • Visite el sitio web de la escuela y lea los anuncios al menos dos veces por semana.
  • Sus profesores establecerán horarios específicos durante los cuales puede contactarlos con cualquier pregunta sobre su trabajo. Ellos publicarán los horarios que pueden ser contactados en su página inicial de Canvas. Envíe un correo electrónico a sus profesores si tiene preguntas o dificultades. Los maestros revisarán sus correos electrónicos durante el día. Por favor, comprenda la importancia de hacer preguntas, comunicarse con sus maestros y administrar su tiempo sabiamente.
  • ¡No posponga las cosas! Administre su tiempo sabiamente. Planifique con anticipación y no espere hasta el último minuto para terminar su trabajo.
  • Haga siempre lo mejor que pueda. Los maestros necesitan que haga su trabajo y se esfuerce al máximo para que puedan monitorear su aprendizaje, brindar comentarios sobre su trabajo escolar y ajustar su instrucción según sus necesidades.
  • RECUERDE: si se ha inscrito para ser un estudiante virtual, este es un compromiso de 6 semanas. La primera fecha en la que podría regresar a la escuela en persona, si lo quisiera, sería el lunes 12 de octubre.