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Dalton High will implement TIER TWO protocols effective Tuesday, Aug. 31. For more information log on the Dalton Public School website: 2021-22 COVID-19 Protocols

From the Superintendent: All Dalton Public Schools will move to Tier 2 of the COVID-19 protocols adopted by the Dalton Board of Education.
By moving to Tier 2, the following changes will be in place at all schools:
· Masks will now be required in ALL of our buildings, with the option for parents to opt-out their student
· No visitors will be allowed in our schools
· School meals will be eaten in the classroom and only use cafeteria if social distancing of 3 feet or greater can be maintained
· Elementary students will no longer be gathering as a group on the floor in their classroom
· Upcoming PTO/Open House meetings as well as School Council meetings will be held virtually
The protocols required in Tier 1 remain in effect, including the requirement of masks for all students on school buses, masks for students in classrooms with the option for parents to opt-out, and health screening questions will be asked upon school entry, during homeroom, and again after lunch.
Based on the new guidelines adopted by the board, our schools will remain in Tier 2 for at least 21 days (Sept. 20) with the hope that these additional mitigation measures will help reduce the spread of the virus.


Imade: Covid Guidance tiers Ausust 2021
PDF file: Mask Opt-Out Form



graphic: DHS transportation information

Attention Student Drivers: You must have a student parking tag to park on either high school campus. Parking tags are $30 and can be purchased at the front office of your home school. If you park on campus without a parking tag, you run the risk of getting a ticket and a $25 fine.


Dalton Academy student drivers will park in the gravel parking lot located next to The Dalton Academy front entrance. All Dalton High School students that will be driving to The Dalton Academy campus to take classes will park in the Heritage Point Park parking lot.


graphic: DHS transportation information
Graphic: Early Release Day Sept 29
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2021-22 Parent Drop Off/Pickup

Dalton High to Drop off in the Mornings

1) Cars may enter Manly Street from the East (option B on map) and drop off students in front of the school or

2) They may enter Manly Street from the West (option A on map) and drop off students at the West entrance. From the west, the student will then proceed to the front entrance so a temperature check can be performed by DHS staff.

Parents who choose the East entrance (option B) will use the far East driveway next to the tennis courts and proceed down the first aisle of parking towards the front of the school. They will then drop off or pick up students in front of the school and exit the campus at the first parking lot exit closest to Davidson Drive.

Parents who choose the West entrance will enter the campus at the far West driveway, proceed down the first aisle of parking towards the school and turn left to drop or pick up students at the West entrance to the school on the bottom floor. Cars will then make another left and exit the same way they entered the campus through the far West drive. As a reminder, the west entrance will be available for staff only and the students will still be required to enter through the front entrance for a temperature check.

Cars leaving campus at either exit will be able to turn left or right onto Manly Street as traffic permits.

 All buses will still enter campus at the far east entrance next to the tennis courts and drop-off or pick up students at the gym entrance to the school.

In addition, there are many locations on Manly Street where it is unlawful to stop/park/stand your vehicle upon the roadway in order to drop a student in order to avoid the traffic entering campus. Failure to abide by these traffic signs may result in a ticket by the Dalton Police Department. 


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