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Dalton High Sees Increase in Grad Rate

Dalton High School saw an increase in the four-year graduation rate for the second year and far exceeding the state average of 83.8 percent. Dalton High School's Class of 2020 graduation rate is 95.01 percent for 2020, up from 94.03 percent in 2019.

"I'm happy to see that Dalton High continues to increase its graduation rate," said Dr. Tim Scott, superintendent of Dalton Public Schools. "I appreciate the hard-working DHS teachers and staff who support and prepare students in their educational journey to graduate and be successful in college, their careers and civic life.

Morris Innovative High School saw their four-year graduate rate decline to 34.59 percent this year from 46.51 percent in 2019. However, their five-year graduation rate increased to 53.80 percent this year from 46.50 percent in 2019. The pandemic and the move to virtual learning for all students in March 2020 negatively impacted students at Morris Innovative High, according to Scott.

"Digital learning was very difficult for students at MIHS when the pandemic hit last year," Scott explained. "The MIHS administration said many students at the school struggled with virtual classes because they needed more in-person academic support, or they found they could get full-time jobs to financially help their families during a very difficult time. A number of seniors were unable to graduate on time and it lowered the MIHS graduation rate significantly."

The increase of the five-year graduation rate at MIHS by over 7 percent points represents the hard work and dedication of so many students who entered high school with a language barrier or significant credit deficiency but worked hard and persevered an extra year to earn their high school diploma.

"MIHS was developed to help students graduate and the staff and administration have worked hard to support students in that endeavor," added Scott. "Over the last 11 years, over 700 students have graduated from MIHS who may not have otherwise gotten their diploma. It was because of the incredible staff and administration who were willing to support and encourage students to stay the course until they were successful at graduating, even if that meant that many of those students took five years and not the traditional four years."

The district's 4-year graduation rate is 80.0 percent just under the state's average rate of 83.8 percent. The district's five-year graduation rate increased to 84.70 percent from 82.96 percent in 2019.