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Dalton Public Schools Celebrates Dalton Difference with Internal Recognition Program
"This initiative is to recognize and award individuals in our district who are going above and beyond for our students and our schools."
Mr. Ron Bailey giving his coin to principal Cindy Parrott

Dalton Public Schools began a new internal recognition program this year to highlight staff members who exemplify the Dalton Difference. At the annual employee convocation, Dr. Tim Scott, superintendent of Dalton Public Schools, introduced newly minted Dalton Difference Coins.

The coins, which are two inches in diameter, read, "Thank you for being the DALTON DIFFERENCE."

Scott presented each of the Teacher of the Year winners from each school with these coins. These teachers were then instructed to keep an eye out for other staff members who were doing something that embodied the Dalton Difference.

"This initiative is to recognize and award individuals in our district who are going above and beyond for our students and our schools," said Pat Holloway, chief of staff of Dalton Public Schools.

After a staff member passes on their Dalton Difference coin, their next step is to post a photo and a brief description of the recipient on the school district's social media accounts. Using the hashtag #IAmTheDaltonDifference, it is easy to track the passage of the Dalton Difference coins as they move from one standout staff member to the next.

One of the original coin recipients was Ashley Brindle, Teacher of the Year from Park Creek Elementary School. A few days ago, she passed her coin on to a second grade teacher, Stephanie Pratt.

Ashley Brindle giving her coin to Stephanie Pratt

"Stephanie Pratt embodies what it means to be the Dalton Difference," Brindle wrote on social media. " She treats students, staff, and parents as though they are a part of her own family. Her smiles and laughter warm the hallways of Park Creek daily. Her love for her job and students is contagious and can brighten every person's day. Stephanie is constantly working to provide engaging tasks for her students to promote a lifelong love of reading, writing, and all other subjects. Her passion for learning and the Park Creek family makes her the epitome of the Dalton Difference."

In the few short weeks since this initiative launched, the original coins have been passed on to at least four other DPS staff members: Becky Jewell, Ron Bailey, Cindy Parrott and Stephanie Pratt. To keep up with the Dalton Difference coins, follow Dalton Public Schools on social media and check out the hashtag #IAmTheDaltonDifference.