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Jason Lin, senior at Dalton High School, has been recognized as this year's winner of the Karen Lightbody Scholarship for his outstanding piano skills. The Karen Lightbody Kirkman Piano Scholarship is administered by the Dalton Education Foundation. It is gifted to one applicant a year and pays for the recipient's continued musical lessons.

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IB Seniors Raise Awareness at Dalton High
IB seniors

Seven seniors who recently graduated from Dalton High School's International Baccaluareate (IB) Diploma Programme completed a week-long service project with a creative awareness week at the end of the semester.

This year, seven students are graduating with all of the requirements necessary to earn an IB diploma. These seven students are Kobe Stokes, Sarah Lynch, Wendy Pelayo, Deval Patel, Julian Rodriguez, Milda Solis and Hope Parker.

One of the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme is the completion of a certain number of CAS (creativity, activity and service) hours before graduating from high school.

Marybeth Meadows, IB coordinator, said students must achieve 50 hours in each area in the span of 18 months.

"The CAS program is meant for students to take IB classes, but also for them to experience personal awareness, growth, and connect with their community," Meadows said.

The restrictions put into place due to COVID-19 made it more challenging for students to complete their service projects in more traditional ways. To complete their service, all seven of the school's IB Diploma Programme seniors designed a creative alternative. These students planned an entire week raising awareness for four current issues that they believe are relevant to students at Dalton High School.

The issues they presented were human trafficking, voting, first amendment rights, and violence against women.

One student, Julian Rodriguez, said, "Our main goal for our CAS project is to analyze our community and see if there are issues we need to address by raising awareness."

To raise awareness to these topics, each day was color coordinated with matching ribbons that were placed in baskets around the school. Students had the opportunity to wear the ribbons and show solidarity. The IB students also created their own posters that were placed around the school. The posters included facts on the issues, tips and hotlines students could use if needed.

The posters were designed by Wendy Pelayo, who said she worked hard to balance good design and accessible information.

"I wanted my posters to be appealing to look at, but I also wanted them to be appealing enough that people were interested in looking and becoming aware about the issues," Pelayo said.

While it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of an awareness campaign, the students involved said they believed the event went well and that many of the baskets containing awareness ribbons were empty by the end of each day.

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